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Are nursing home expenses causing an undue strain on your family or loved one?

Do you feel like you have to choose between getting professional care or protecting your loved one’s home and savings? If so, we can help.

All too often, we hear stories of families having to drain their savings, sell off their loved one's home or other assets, and then, when the well is dry, they apply for financial assistance from the Medicaid program.

» This process is, quite frankly, unnecessary. Armed with sound information and the right strategies, it is possible to qualify for financial assistance for long-term care without having to sell off your home or give up your hard-earned savings.

Medicaid already finances at least a portion of as many as two-thirds of the nation’s nursing home residents. With proper planning and the right strategies, you could be eligible for nursing home financial assistance from Medicaid too!

In collaboration with my staff, I have developed an essential free report to outline the process and address — in plain, easy-to-understand language — the concerns we hear most often from people in situations just like yours.

Here are just a few of the secrets
you’ll discover in my FREE Report:

The rules of Medicaid are nearly impossible for the layperson to understand.  In fact, most likely, your family attorney will say things like, “It’s too late to do anything!” – or just shrug his shoulders and offer you the same old will and power of attorney that he prepares for his healthy clients.

We know more solutions. We help people like you deal with the mind-boggling, complex maze of Medicaid paperwork and the frustration that accompanies it.  We know where the landmines are placed along the Elder Care Journey ©.

In my FREE Report, you’ll find plain-English explanations of what the dangers are and what you can do to avoid the hidden pitfalls that await you if you’re walking blind. Sign up now to protect yourself, your legacy, and your dignity with my FREE Report: Don’t Go Broke in a Nursing Home.


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